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Right from its inception in the year 1964, the college has been improving its infrastructure to meet the demanding needs. The college has a transparent procedure for the utilization and maintenance of all physical, academic and support facilities. The college council ensures the optimal allocation and utilization of the funds for maintenance and upgradation of infrastructure. The planning and purchase committee collects the necessary requirements from the departments at the beginning of the academic year. The requirements are analyzed and processed on the basis of priority. For this, the college utilizes the funds from Public Department Account, financial assistances from management, PTA, government agencies such as UGC, DST, KSCSTE etc. The funds are utilized strictly according to the rules and regulations. The record of purchase is maintained in the stock register .At the end of the academic year the college carries out department wise stock verification. The repair and maintenance of buildings are done on a regular basis. The housekeeping team keeps the buildings, the corridors and the premises clean and tidy. Availability of potable drinking water is ensured in the campus. Water coolers in the auditorium, air conditioners in the seminar and conference halls add to the enhancement of the physical facilities of the college. Garden committee contributes for the enhancement of greenery in the campus. Cleanliness and hygiene of the college canteen and the supply of healthy food is monitored by the canteen committee. The college library provides accessibility to resource through Inflibnet. Maintenance and repairing of IT infrastructure like Wi-Fi, broad band and updating of softwares are done as required. Maintenance of facilities and cleanliness in women’s hostel is monitored by the hostel committee members. In order to ensure safety and security of students and staff, CCtv cameras are installed in the campus and the same was done as per the direction from the UGC and the University. In addition to this security persons were posted for day and night watching. Adequate steps are taken for the enhancement of sports facilities and maintenance of courts. Modernization of Hotel Management laboratory is one of the outstanding works of this year. The construction of Gurumandapam is the most significant work of the year. Gurumandapam provides opportunities for students to enhance their faith and spirituality and find greater meanings to their lives.