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Elixir of Magical Tales: Harry Potter themed Short Tale Writing Contest on July 30, 2021

Dept. of English, Sree Narayana College Varkala in association with IQAC is organising a Harry Potter themed Short Tale Writing Contest on July 30,2021 in connection with the birthday celebration of the creator of the Harry Potter series, J K Rowling. The competition is open for all college students. The participants are requested to send the entries to by July 30, 2021. The selected participants stand a chance to win official Harry Potter Merchandise.


Must be a tale within 140 characters (including spaces)

Your tale must follow the given theme.

Must not be an abstract musing or poem

Must convey a passage of time

Must have a beginning and an end

Competition closes Jully 30, 2021, 23:59 pm.

Coordinator                                                                                       Joint Coordinator

Aruna S. Ajayan                                                                                 Nayana Konath

Asst. Professor                                                                                 Asst. Professor and Head

Ph: 9072855599                                                                                Ph: 9746490211